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Environmental foundations speak for endangered species, habitats in key biodiversity areas. In a Facebook post at around noon, June 29, 2021, PHIVOLCS said: “The haze observed in Metro Manila is smog or due to human activities, and not from Taal Volcano.” Now more than ever, the world needs to pay attention to the reality and situation of those that are holding the line for the forests. The world can no longer pretend to not see and hear the plight on the ground. The Manila Bulletin Environment Section and The Climate Reality Project Philippines are proud to launch this new weekly column that will serve as a new space for honest and timely climate conversations. We are one of the world’s top plastic-polluting countries due to our tremendous plastic consumption yet paltry plastic waste management efforts. A staunch environmentalist, Villar has been leading the campaign in the conservation of our environment to even hold at bay climate change that could endanger all forms of life on earth. Plastic management is the main problem for single-use plastics because it does not decompose, causing havoc in other ecosystems. This International Youth Day, let’s remember that it’s our human family that we’re fighting for and it will always be worth fighting for. Their longevity supported by the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Center. A total of 84 Green sea turtle hatchlings were released by CENRO Culasi on June 27, 2021 at Brgy. news articles about environmental issues in the ph San Francisco Norte, Tibiao, Antique. The project is unique from other tree planting programs as it adheres to a more holistic approach to ensure sustainability. Philippine-based non-profit plastic offset program launches blockchain-protected credit registry developed by Microsoft. From redesigning product packaging, developing sustainable lifestyle program for employees to community programs, they covered it all For us in the Climate Reality Philippines, this is an opportune time to underscore the fact that disaster resilience will only be possible if we address the triple planetary emergency we face today as a nation—climate disruption, declining ecosystems, and escalating pollution. If we do not act decisively to reduce our carbon footprint so that global temperatures would not go beyond the average of 1.5 degrees Celsius, the situation would be worse. Muralla cor Recoletos Sts. Intramuros, Manila 1002 P.O. BOX769 Save Philippine Seas and Mondelez Philippines partner for marine preservation through information and highlighting the importance of segregation and finding alternatives. With youth comprising at least 10 percent of our population, I believe that their knowledge, expertise, and valuable experience should be tapped to create more encompassing climate policies.
A clean energy future in Mindanao is plausible and welcome. environmental issues articles 2020 philippines